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"Snowvember" baby boom


(CNN) -- Charlie Stegura is two days old. He is also a Snowvember baby.

"We were snowed in right in the heart of South Buffalo," said Amy Stegura.

Nine months ago, her neighborhood was covered in snow. Out of those record breaking snow totals came a bundle of joy.

"We were stressed and it was a lot of work having to dig ourselves out and it was annoying but I mean you get a miracle from it "

More miracles like Charlie are expected to be on the way at Mercy Hospital over the next few weeks

"The hospital is getting ready for our little baby boom to happen. It's going to be about the end of August we're really preparing for approximately I think we figured out a 25 to 30 percent increase," said Dr. Lynn-Marie Aronica, a laborist at Mercy Hospital.

That's an increase from around 250 babies born per month to more than 300.

"We are absolutely positively ready. We even bought more cribs. So that we absolutely have the capacity ready to be able to care for all these beautiful babies," said Mary Ann Murphy, director of maternity and child services at Mercy Hospital.

Many of the doctors who worked at the hospital for days at a time during Snowvember will now be the same ones delivering those babies nine months later.

"It's not as hectic in one way. The numbers are busy but it's a little more controlled in how people are getting here," said OBGYN physician Dr. Nicholas Cromwell.

Parents like Kim and Vinny Austin, who dodged the brunt of the November storm in Lockport., brought baby Camden into the world on Tuesday.

"Not going to lie it definitely opened the door for a few more extra curricular activities to make sure he was able to join us."

"I would consider him a Snowvember baby. I would. It will be a cool story to to tell him."

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