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Doctors say boys need HPV vaccine too to prevent cancer


STOUGHTON (WKOW) -- Back to school means back to the doctor, and for some kids, that means getting the dreaded shots. If you have a son, there's one vaccine he may be missing.

It's become standard in the last decade or so, but experts say our boys should be getting it too – it could save them from cancer.

The same goes for kids going back to school, moving into dorms, or playing sports. “Oh, schools,” groaned Dr. Murwin. “The younger the kids the more germy they are. They put the germs all over!"

There's one vaccination Dr. Murwin is very passionate about. It's possible your daughter's had it, but your son hasn't.

“Get your children vaccinated against H.P.V.,” said Dr. Murwin.

H.P.V. - or human papilloma virus - is a sexually transmitted infection Dr. Murwin said is thought of more as a women's disease.

But that's not the case. It can have devastating effects on both sexes. “Boys and girls. Boys get head and neck cancer, girls get cervical cancer,” said Murwin.

Three shots of the H.P.V. vaccine when kids are young can save their lives. “We'll reduce a female's risk of cervical cancer by 90 percent, and a male's risk of head and neck cancer by 55 percent,” said Murwin.

He says it can be hard for parents to think about STIs when their kids are so young. However it can be one of those uncomfortable truths that could help save your child's life decades later.

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