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Athlete of the Week: Gus Turner-Zick - SPASH


Our Athlete of the Week opened the regular season with a few goals. He wanted to see where he stood as a starting running back and to get his team a 'W'. SPASH Won 35-10, checking the latter one off his list. As far as his standing in the backfield, just ask Gus Turner-Zick.

“It was probably my best game ever,” Turner-Zick, a junior running-back said.

The SPASH coaching staff set goals for offensive explosiveness in the off-season but Turner-Zick's outburst for 323 yards and four touchdowns surpassed their expectations.

“You don't plan for things like that,” Pete McAdams, SPASH head coach said. “One of the things this preseason was having some big plays on offense. We have a goal of getting three plays over 25 yards each game. Gus had four alone on his runs.”

It would probably stand as most back's best game ever and while neither coach nor player envisioned topping the three-hundred yard mark, what Turner-Zick did see coming lead him to those four big plays.

“Since he was a freshman you could see that special trait that some running backs have,” McAdams said. “(He has an) uncanny vision for the opening and the open hole.”

The natural ability to spot openings allows allows the junior to flip a switch once he notices his lineman at work in front of him.

“I tend to see blocks that are about to occur,” Turner-Zick said. I just see that little hole and once I see it, I just hit it.”

Just hit it. A simple task that requires the running-back's two best assets when avoiding a defender's hit.

“For the outside run, we got most of our blocks set,” Turner-Zick said. “It's usually one on one with a corner. I can either use my speed to get around them or my agility to break a tackle.”

Turner-Zick says he's only worried about running hard in his next game against Wausau East. But if he matches his first-game output, he'll also have to worry about repaying his buddies on the offensive line.

“Coach said that if I rush for over three hundred yards again, I have to buy them breakfast.”

SPASH faces Wausau East on Thursday night to find out if the Panthers bread and butter, Gus Turner-Zick, owes his front-line bacon and eggs.

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