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2003: CMN Balloon Fest


It's time for another Throwback Thursday! This week -- we're heading back to 2003!    

Newsline 9's Scott Hurley shows up a popular event from this week -- that took place high in the sky.


If it flies and it's in Wisconsin Rapids, you'll probably see it this weekend.

"In addition to the balloons, as you can see, we are doing some skydiving out of a helicopter and an airplane. So there's lots and lots to do."

While the biggest attraction is the hot air balloons, if you come out at night -- there's lots of other stuff to see and do. The emphasis on the do -- besides riding in these planes, they'll even let you take the wheel. The airport donates part of the proceeds to CMN and it's a partnership that extends beyond these two groups. 

"It's also really good for the community. It brings attention to the airport and it's a really good community event."

"We've never had a balloon rally before and it's nice to have that. There's excitement, advertising, yeah, they make money too."

The event has doubled from last year up to 26 balloons from 13 and with all the other things going on, organizers hope the balloon rally continues to grow.

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