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Police can't keep migrants from crossing into Hungary


Authorities in Hungary have deployed police reinforcements along the country's border, hoping to control the unrelenting flow of migrants. But refugee activists say the effort doesn't appear to be working.

   Hungary's migrant camps are overloaded. And police yesterday reported detaining 3,241 migrants -- a single-day high -- as part of an effort to channel them to one of Hungary's five camps, using special trains.

   But at several points along the border, migrants are crossing the frontier on foot. Some say it's safer to walk, rather than risk death by being smuggled in a vehicle.

   The risk was highlighted by today's discovery in neighboring Austria of the bodies of at least 20 -- and perhaps as many as 50 -- migrants inside an abandoned refrigerated truck with Hungarian license plates.

   The migrants are generally looking to continue west through the EU zone, where no passports are needed. They're trying to reach wealthier nations, especially Germany, which in recent months has received about 40 percent of all of the asylum applicants in the 28-nation bloc.

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