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Wisconsin Rapids father sees daughter almost hit at bus stop


(WBAY) -- It’s something no parent wants to see, their child nearly get hit at their bus stop. One Wisconsin Rapids father saw that happen to his daughter and caught it on camera.

The video was taken two years ago outside of Scott Brehm’s home. To this day, he watches it, hoping a near-miss doesn’t happen to anyone else.

“Unbelievable, but I’m hoping the video footage I got will help other parents realize that this does happen,” said Brehm.

“Just sit in amazement that even though lights were going on the bus she could’ve walked across and gotten hit. I mean she was just within a few feet. She was at the white line when that truck went through, so had she had taken a couple of steps it would’ve been a difference,” said Brehm.

Brehm is a private investigator, with cameras hooked up outside of his home along Highway 73 in Wisconsin Rapids.

It’s a busy road with a lot of semi trucks, cars and school buses passing, like the one that stopped to pick up Brehm’s daughter Julia in October 2013.

In the video, you can see the bus stops with its stop arm out and red flashing lights activated. In the top corner you’ll see a truck speed up, then Julia Brehm steps back as that truck speeds by.

“I mean I looked up at the cameras when I heard the horn buzz and I just could not believe what I just saw,” said Brehm. He said that driver was later tracked down and cited by police.

Watching the video two years after the incident happened, Brehm is thankful his daughter wasn’t hurt and hopes drivers will see the video and think twice about passing a bus. He also wants parents to remind their children to pay attention.

“They should go out with their children and teach them what they should do, where they should stand, watch both directions. Even though the bus driver is telling them to come across and get on the bus they should still be looking both ways and looking and listening before they cross over,” said Brehm.

Brehm’s daughter was 11 years old at the time, but doesn’t use that bus stop anymore because she goes to a different school.

Brehm wants more cameras on school buses to catch violators.

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