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Keurig launches Campbell's Soup K-Cups


(CNN) -- How about some soup-- straight from your coffeemaker??

Keurig Green Mountain is bringing its once popular K-Cups to the soup aisle.

The company teamed up with Campbell's to create fresh-brewed soup K-Cups.

How does it work?

It is a two step process--you brew a K-Cup pod of broth and it drips down into a packet of noodle soup mix you place in a cup below.

The companies say it's a 70-calorie treat with no artificial colors or flavors.

The soup costs $11.99 for an eight-pack of cups and packets.

But if this sounds familiar-- here's why-- General Mills already produces Progresso soup and Nature Valley Oatmeal pouches and pods that can be brewed in a Keurig machine.

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