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Bears becoming a problem in Colorado neighborhood


(CNN) -- We've heard of bears knocking over trash cans and snooping around garages for food, but in Colorado, it appears one bear was looking for a quick and hot meal to go.

In the last 24 hours, there have been three bear sightings there. A bear looking for take out at Louie's Pizza in downtown Colorado Springs.

"Even bears like Louie's pizza," said Mike Steckley. 

"They said no really we have a bear in the backroom. So I was thinking it was a teddy bear, you know, a present, whatever and they sent me a picture and it was a live bear," said Louie Sciarrotta, the owner of Louie's Pizza.

"I walked back there and the bear was asleep right there on top of the icing. Looks like she had a little bit to eat," said District Wildlife Manager Phillip Gurule.

In the Rockrimmon area, there have been two sightings alone. This morning, a mom and a cub stuck in a tree and neighbors say another bear has been roaming through this Rockrimmon neighborhood, too.

"So we all grab the flash light go out on the deck and you see this bear, he's growling picking off this fence and it's just amazing to watch such a big animal just rip through these pickets like it's nothing," said Vance Harper.

Wildlife officials say because of a late freeze, bears haven't had as much natural food available, which brings them down looking for scraps.

"Having the number of bears we have here and the duration that bears want to stay in one neighborhood is for one reason and one reason only. That's because of trash, that availability of food source," El Paso County Wildlife Officer Steve Cooley said. 

As for the bear that showed up at the pizza shop, it is at a rehab facility. The animal had a broken paw, because wildlife officers think it was hit by a car. When the cub is better, she will be relocated.

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