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Officer makes dinner for woman needing to take medicine


A police officer in New Jersey recently learned that even the smallest good deed can make a big difference. In this case, he helped an 84-year-old woman make dinner so she could take her medicine.

Jackson Township police officer James Reynolds was dispatched to the home of an elderly distressed woman last week after she used her medical alert system. But it was not the kind of medical emergency he's ever encountered.

"I went right in her house and you know met with her. She was sitting at her table and she was rambling on about needing to eat dinner," said Reynolds. 

Eleanor Metzker, 84, lives alone and relies on her walker to get around. The grandmother of four desperately needed to take her medication, which could only be taken with a meal, but she couldn't.

"I was scared, very scared," said Metzker. 

"Unfortunately, the aide that was there earlier hadn't plugged her microwave in. She only has two plugs and she can't reach the outlet with her walker. So I assisted her in plugging in her microwave. She said she had pre-prepared meals from a food service and I assisted her in cooking the meal."

The 12-year police veteran not only cooked dinner, but he also stuck around to make sure Metzker ate it.  

"It was so good," said Metzker. "It tasted better because he did it."

Metzger told New Jersey News 12 reporter Nadia Ramdass that Officer Reynolds is not just her new dining companion, but he is also her guardian angel.

"It's just beautiful, beautiful. A prayer from God," said Metzker. 

"If I can change somebody's day for the better, that makes my day better," said Reynolds. 

Reynolds really did go above and beyond the call of duty. He also washed Metzker's dishes and set her coffee pot for the next day. 

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