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Snowfall 2015 Contest!


It has finally happened. We had our first storm that brought more than a full inch of snow to downtown Wausau. That means the first snowfall contest has officially ended. The winning date is December 28th. Only a few more days and it would have been a record for the latest ever one inch snowfall in Wausau, which occurred on January 2nd, 1914

Believe it or not, one person did pick December 28th as the date with the first one inch snowfall. It is Emily Waldvogel. She will take home the top prize from the R-stores of a $250 gift card plus a one year supply of free car wash coupons. Amazing clairvoyance Emily.

What about the other four top prizes? After discussing the odd situation this year (such a late first snowfall), the R-stores and our team at WAOW decided to give the other four prizes away to the people who picked closest to December 28th. It is still quite commendable that these four took a chance and picked dates so late in December.

Nancy Thomsen and Marie Swita both picked December 26th. Timothy Emmel and Julie Detra both picked December 23rd.

A coin was flipped on Wednesday morning December 30th to break the ties and here is the final list of winners for the 2015 First Snowfall Contest.

1st Emily Waldvogel $250 R-store gift card plus 52 car wash coupons

2nd Marie Swita $150 R-store gift card

3rd Nancy Thomsen $100 R-store gift card

4th Julie Detra $50 R-store gift card

5th Timothy Emmel $25 R-store gift card

Full rules here 

Here are the winning dates for the last 4 First Snowfall Contests:

* 2014: October 31st

* 2013: November 20th

* 2012: November 24th

* 2011: November 9th

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