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1999: Cranberry crop


It's time for another Throwback Thursday. This week -- we are celebrating an abundant cranberry crop from 1999.


"The whole industry is coming in to a very good crop, particularly here in Wisconsin. It looks like it's going to come in at 15-20 percent ahead of the pre-harvest estimate."

Now with an over abundance, Northland Cranberries is dealing with a case of supply and demand. An excess of cranberries will leave the company with no other alternative than to lower prices. 

"We find ourselves in the same position as a lot of other agriculturalists. The supply of the fruit that we have is a lot more than the demand that we have out there so now our challenge is going to be. We go out and get new markets and get prices to come back up to where we can remain profitable."

These berries will be used in fruit drinks, syrups and cereals. But now more than ever, the push is to create more way to consume cranberries. 

"We are looking for new products for sure. We are not really in the dry and sweet cranberry business. That's an area we are looking very hard at. Just developing new juice products and combining cranberry with other juices is an ongoing research area that we look into."

More ways to eat them, drink them and basically get rid of them. That's a far cry from the cranberry's historical roots as a fruit that filled bowls for families only once a year on Thanksgiving. 

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