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Men selling fall leaves on the internet


SOUTH BURLINGTON, VT (CNN) -- A couple of enterprising men in Vermont have come up with an unusual way to make money.

They are picking fall leaves from Vermont trees and selling them online.

"It's the worlds best foliage," said Frank Davis of Vermont Leaf Company.

Davis and Uwe Heiss love leaf peeping, but they do more than just admire the trees.

While the colors are bursting the two have teamed up to sell the season, harvesting the fall foliage by hand from around the Green Mountains and then selling it.

"To have something like this in your hands is amazing," Davis said.

The leaves are put in a zip lock bag and vacuumed sealed.

If you leave them in the bag, the company says the color will last for days, or you can open it.

"We expect people to open the package take them out and smell  the leaves and get a sense for what it's like to be in Vermont and to see and smell and touch it," Heiss said.

"I think it's a chuckle and a wonderful thing really it's a  complete delight," says Davis.

For a sense of Vermont's foliage you can order an assortment of 12 leaves for $20 or a box of 50 for $40.

Shipping is free.

"People here, they're not going to buy Vermont leaves. We're busy raking them up and trying to get rid of them, but we're not shipping to Vermonters," Davis said.

The company just started this month and has already received orders from the west coast.

The idea came to frank when he was pondering everything Vermont was known for: maple syrup, craft brews, cheese and...

"We're also famous for foliage and no one else is shipping Vermont leaves. I had to jump on that. I had to embrace that," said Davis.

With low overhead costs since the inventory is free, so the two say it was a no-brainer business to begin.

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