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Car Control Class prepares teens for emergency driving situations


Eau Claire (WQOW) - CVTC, Mayo Clinic Health Systems, and local law enforcement put teens to the test with this fall's first Car Control Classes. 

Instructors took teen drivers on a range of courses that tested emergency braking, sudden lane changes, car handling in wet conditions, and more. 

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety said car crashes are still the leading cause of death for teens in the U.S. 

"We in our emergency department and trauma were seeing so many teenagers just die needlessly in car crashes," Wayne Street, director of Mayo Clinic Health Systems' Nursing Trauma Program said. 

Instructors said giving teens the practice they need for keeping control in emergencies is key. 

"The bigger crash comes from someone panicking or over-correcting or overreacting, and if you have not felt those things with the car, what the car can do, you're likely to panic and overreact," Dr. Lee Mayer, Mayo Clinic Health Systems Orthopedic Surgeon said. Mayer played a key role in starting the Car Control Classes eight years ago. 

Mayo Clinic Health Systems said 15 percent of 16-year-old drivers will have a car crash. Student said practicing the dangerous situations increased their confidence. 

"It is a new experience, but as we went through it more and more, I got more used to it and learned how to do it," Chloe Lindsay said after completing the course. 

"You will use this at some point in your life, and to be able to know how to do it in panic situations is definitely worth it," Grace Frank said after taking her turn behind the wheel. 

This week is Teen Driver Safety Week. AAA Foundation said distracted driving is the main factor in car crashes. 

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