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Green self-driving cars take center stage at Tokyo show


Japan is home to the world's top selling-automaker -- but a younger generation of Japanese isn't showing much interest in owning or driving cars.

   And the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens Friday, is aimed partly at winning them back. The show also seeks to paint Japan as a leader in automated driving technology.

   Reporters got a preview today.

   At center stage are visions of cars that drive themselves without emitting a bit of pollution. And passengers are entertained with online movies and social media.

   Nissan is showing a concept vehicle with laser scanners, a 360-degree camera setup, a radar and computer chips -- to help the car deliver autonomous driving. By 2018, the company says, cars with the technology will be able to change lanes on highways. And a couple of years later, it says, the cars will be able to make their way through city intersections.

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