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Athlete of the Week: Tyler Biadasz


AMHERST (WAOW) -- "Football has kind of been magical to me," Amherst's Tyler Biadasz said during his Athlete of the Week interview.

Tyler Biadasz's version of magic is more about power than illusion. His sleight of hand allows him to get past offensive linemen and his football creates a classic game of "now you block me... now you don't."

"A lot of guys have his size but not his mobility," Amherst head coach Mark Lusic said. "He has tremendous feet and a motor that doesn't stop."

But perhaps his greatest trick is turning his grin off the field into a grind off on the field.

"He's a tremendous person," Lusic said. "He's usually voted the nicest kid in school." 

"It's just a switch I have," Biadasz said. "Football, when I step on the field, it's like a business. I just want to get it done and be the best I can be and if that's the meanest, what's what I have to be."

Part of being the meanest is a relentless effort, something you can't pull out of thin air.

"He chases everybody down," Lusic said. "You have to block him until the whistle blows because if not, he's coming to get you.

"Sometimes II even catch myself being a fan and going, 'Geez, that's a tremendous play,'" Lusic said. "I'm sure next year I'll miss him."

But, Biadasz hopes he has at four more games in him, which would mean a shot at Amherst's second state championship in four years. The Falcons Level 2 game against Winnebago Lutheran is this Friday night.

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