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1998: Halloween fright event


(WAOW) -- Halloween is around the corner and in this week's Throwback Thursday, folks headed into a scary situation, a spooky house aimed to help teens make good decisions.

We're heading back to 1998.    


People are coming from all over, waiting in long lines to see what's inside.

"They told me there are live rats. I'm wondering if there really are."

"With all of the noises and everything in the background, I'm pretty scared. Because I don't really know what to expect, even though lots of people have told me what's going to be in it."

"I'm not sure what to expect but I'm not sure that I'm scared. Kind of an anticipation kind of thing."

Over 250 people are working behind the scenes to put on this real life seeming staged spectacular. It's designed to scare people for a reason.

"It's designed to encourage young people to make good choices about their life. To help them see, first hand, what the consequences of bad choices are."

Now once inside, thrill seekers are taken through the top killers of teens today -- real life dramatic scenes about drugs, suicide, gang violence and drunk driving. 

"I'm expecting that it's going to open up some young people's eyes."

That's the goal and it's a powerful one. 

"It's actually really thrilling though. All it is is basically everything that can happen to you in real life and just makes you think about where your life is going."

And over 5,000 people so far have gone through this maze of bad choices. 

"It has so blown our expectations out of the water."

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