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SPECIAL REPORT: Do-it-yourself projects


WAUSAU (WAOW) – Do-it-yourself projects have gained a lot of popularity in recent years.

Thanks to online resources making ideas become a reality is getting easier.

Folks are wanting to get their hands dirty and hopefully save a little money in the process.

"Where you gather materials yourself, and you do something on your own, versus something that's in a box that you're buying that's already made," said Wausau Menards General Manager Michael Gertz.

The social media site Pinterest is part of the reason why more people are into DIY. Pinterest is a website where you can scour ideas, finding the right one for you. There are endless project opportunities all at your finger tips. From tables, to decorations and wine glass holders, the possibilities are endless.

"It's definitely gotten more popular with people coming in with their cellphone and they'll want to make a project and we will help them find everything that they are looking for," Gertz told Newsline 9.

Newsline 9 headed to Menards in Wausau with a project in hand – a centerpiece vase for a dining room table.

The total cost of materials is about five bucks.

Once we have the holes drilled, we need to put it all together.

Now that it's all put together, we buy our sandpaper, brush and stain to finish the project at home.

Some studies estimate the do-it-yourself industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars and at Menards, managers say they've seen an increase in interest.

"It's kind of infectious I think where someone builds something with their hands and then they want to try something else," Gertz said.

It's so infectious that a new company in Wausau is trying to capitalize on those creative juices. It's called Wausau DIY. The do-it-yourself business aims to help folks create projects on their own.

"People are always like, yeah, I want to do that," said Wausau DIY co-owner Lisa Kumfer.

You head to the website and select a project you like. Then host your own workshop at your house or attend a public one at various locations in the area. It's quite the social event as well.

"You have the feeling of 'I accomplished it,' so not only is it slightly more cost effective, but you can look at the project and be like, 'yes, I made that,'" Kumfer said.

Owners say they're already booked into January and attendees say they love being able to make their ideas come to life.

"I love it that women are getting together and making their own," Vicki LaPorte of Wausau said.

Vicki LaPorte owns Vicki's Vintage – a business centered around giving old items new life.

"I pick up a lot of the curbside things and so I repurpose a lot of things, so I see something someone else sees as junk and I say, 'that is so cool, I want to do something with it,'" LaPorte said.

Whether it's taking the project on all on your own, or having someone help you along the way, there's something special about watching your creation come to be right before your eyes.


Link to our project: http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2014/04/bottle-vase-centerpiece.html

Link to Wausau DIY: https://www.facebook.com/wausaudiyllc/timeline

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