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Paczki preps underway at St. Bronislava in Plover


PLOVER (WAOW) -- Volunteers spent hours in the kitchen at St. Bronislava Church in Plover preparing for the Paczki sale.

Some volunteers rolled dough, others deep-fried it and still others filled the pastries with fruit and creme fillings.

"We have 1,227 dozen orders to fill. That is more than 14,000 we are working on," organizer Ruth Linzmeier said.

The Paczki is a traditional Polish treat eaten on Fat Tuesday as a way to get rid of eggs and fats before the start of Lent which calls for fasting.

Many of the volunteers say the look forward to helping out with the pastries.

"It is a lot of work and takes organization but it is a lot of fun," Linzmeier said.

Organizers say after all the existing orders are filled any leftovers will be sold after mass on Saturday and Sunday.

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