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Racers hit the ice for the Wisconsin Ice Racing Championship


The Central Wisconsin Ice Racing Association held their annual Ice Racing Championship race today on Lake Dexter in Dexterville, WI. 

The CWIRA and the Robus Family put on this event with over 200 participants from around the state. Each rider races for points, if they're in the CWIRA series, a trophy, or if nothing else, a fantastic day out on the ice.

Race Director Bill "Moto Bill" Bell explains the history of the CWIRA, "Our group's been around thirty plus years. It started out mostly as a motorcycle group but as ATV's got more and more popular, it really flip-flopped, now its eighty, eighty-five percent ATV's and the rest motorcycles."

This race which is sponsored by the Robus family, has been an annual event lasting over 20 years. Its a family event, and not just for the Robus' but for the racers as well, with riders spanning the generations. One young rider, Codi Fox, explained that the sport is all about heart, and that he caught the racing bug from some of his family members. "It all started three years ago when my cousins were racing, and my dad asked me if i wanted to try so i said yes."

Guy Robus, the founding sponsor was the announcer for the day, and the rest of his family also helps run the race, "My dad used to race when we were younger so that's how we all got involved, and now my younger cousins race and so its just fun all around," says Guy's daughter, Tiffany Robus.

The day was a chilly fourteen degrees with snow falling all day, but the cold didn't seem to bother anybody on the lake. "Its Wisconsin! You can sit in the house and hopefully sit in front of a crackling fireplace or you can come outside and enjoy the weather," exclaims Moto Bill.

And I agree, as long as you're dressed warm enough, its a great way to spend a cold winter's day.

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