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Changes ahead for fishermen and hunters


SCHOFIELD (WAOW) -- The Department of Natural Resources said you will no longer have to carry a paper license when you are out hunting or fishing. The idea for the change started when people asked to do something to simplify the sometimes complicated licenses.

"We began with the understanding that we had a contract that was coming to an end so, we had the opportunity to build a new system," said Mark Rappe with the DNR Bureau of Customer & Outreach Services.

The switch to all-electronic licensing and registration will allow you to buy your license right at your finger tips at home. Once you are approved, all you have to do is carry a valid driver's license. But, if you still like the old paper copy, you are in luck.

"But with every purchase a person conducts whether it be at a hardware store through one of our partnering vendor agents or if online, they still have the opportunity to print a paper copy of their license and receipt and carry that with them," said Rappe.   

One Schofield bait shop owner said he doesn't mind the all-electronic licenses. It means less paper for him to carry when he's fishing or hunting.

"You know more and more as I am becoming computer literate, I am going on amazon and buying things, and finding it easier to shop on the internet. So, I think it will probably make things easier in the long run for people as computers are such a popular thing no of days," said co-owner of Riverside canoe rental and bait shop Keith Syring.

The DNR is transitioning to the paperless system, and it will be available in early March.

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