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NASA: Global warming is now changing how Earth wobbles


WASHINGTON (AP) -- You'd never feel it and experts say it's harmless, but a new NASA study finds that global warming is shifting the way the Earth wobbles on its polar axis.

The study cites melting ice sheets, especially in Greenland, are changing the distribution of weight on Earth.

The study, published today in Friday's Science Advances journal, says the weight change has caused both the North Pole and the wobble, which is called polar motion, to change course. Measurements taken by scientists and navigators show that the true pole and polar motion have shifted a bit toward England during the past century.

University of Arizona geosciences professor Jonathan Overpeck, who wasn't part of the study, says it "highlights how real and profoundly large an impact humans are having on the planet."

 As for the change in the wobbling, experts say it's "nothing to worry about."

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