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Athlete of the Week: Alyssa Faucett


"I felt like I had a special gift, I felt like it was something that I was drawn to always," Wausau West senior Alyssa Faucett said.

The special gift that Faucett is referring to, is her gift of speed. She's been running and competing in track and field events -- and winning them -- since she was in elementary school.

"I've always been athletic and an outdoorsy person," Faucett said. "I started in outdoor track and the playground and the field..."

Faucett is described by her coach as a happy-go-lucky kid, but one who is also a strong willed young woman -- a characteristic that helps her on the track.

"Alyssa does use that to her advantage because she doesn't get rattled like she used to," Warriors track and field coach John Masanz said. "She's talked the team in fact about embracing the nerves, about knowing where you are in the meet, knowing who your competition is, and embracing that competition, and part of that is because she is a headstrong young lady and confident in who she is and what she's become."

A big part of her success in her events, which include the short sprints and long jump, come from another Wausau West alumni, Jessica Waldvogel.

"She went to [the University of] Minnesota, and I'm going to Minnesota now," Faucett said. "[Wakdvogel has] always been an inspiration to me. I never knew her personally, but I always wanted to reach the level that she had."

And those goals are coming true for Faucett, as she will be following in her insipriation's footsteps, running for the Golden Gophers after graduation.apr

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