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Antigo students resume classes after prom shooting


ANTIGO (WAOW) - Under heightened security, Antigo High School students returned to classes Monday, barely 35 hours after a gunman wounded two teens outside the spring prom.

Police patrolled the campus as students arrived.

"I know a few kids will be scared. I think a few kids will be quiet. But I'm hoping that we get back into our Antigo pride and how our school is and bubbly," said Samantha Schuessler, the prom queen, before she headed into the school.

The shooting happened about 11 p.m. Saturday. The gunman, Jakob Wagner, 18, who graduated last year, died after being shot by a nearby officer. Police said Monday he rode a bicycle to the school and carried a rifle. 

Nick Gabowsky, a junior at the school, remembered what happened. "I went back there to ask why everyone stopped and the music was still playing. So, I didn't understand what was going on and one of my friends told me that supposedly there was a shooting."

Added Schuessler, "We kind of didn't believe it at first because this is Antigo. That stuff doesn't happen here,"

School leaders said classes resumed Monday, on the advice of law enforcement, to provide "structure and routine as best we can and as quickly as we can". Counselors were available at each school to "support any students or staff who may be struggling," they said in a statement

Many students told Newsline 9 that they thanked law enforcement as well as their teachers for being calm during a scary situation.

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