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Friends, family give inside look to Antigo gunman


Disbelief and devastation washed over the friends of Jakob Wagner just days after he opened fire outside the Antigo High School prom.

Many friends of Wagner were emotional Monday and those who knew him said they never saw it coming.

"Heartbroken, shocked, I didn't know how to handle it at first," said Antigo High School student Nick Gabowsky.

Dakotta Mills said he'd been friends with the 18-year-old graduate since 6th grade and was devastated when he heard the news. He talked about the Wagner he knew and how they both grew up being bullied.

"We both were heavily bullied in school and he'd come to me to talk and I'd go to him to talk," said Mills. "We were there for each other through thick and thin."

Mills wasn't the only one who named bullying as a problem in Wagner's life. Jakob's mom, Lorrie Wagner, said she hopes the Antigo shooting shines a light on bullying and how deeply in effects people.

Even through the bullying, Mills said Wagner found ways to cope with it, using his love of music to feel better. He said Wagner even held a job at a music shop.

For Mills, the person who fired at two people leaving a prom before being fatally shot is not the same person he knew.

"I'm still completely devastated by what happened," said Mills. "I'd never expect him to ever to that."

Mills said Wagner had just recently gone through a break up, but he thought he was recovering from it.

"He was smiling and laughing and no cares in the world that we could tell," said Mills.

Wagner had a love of learning the history and design of guns, according to Mills. Wagner's recently posted an Instagram photo of a gun, but police would not say if it was the same gun used in the shooting.

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