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Antigo Police Department holds press conference on prom shooting


The Antigo Police Department held a press conference inside of Antigo's City Hall on Monday afternoon to release the latest information on the Saturday night prom shooting at Antigo High School.

"We had a tremendous response immediately that evening, we stopped the threat and we think it saved many lives," Antigo Police Chief Eric Roller said.

The parents of the male victim who was shot in a leg released a statement thanking the boy's peers, the officers, and doctors who worked to save their son's life.

"So thankful for his girlfriend and two friends on the scene, who acted so bravely and calm," the statement read. "We'd also like to thank the police officers who responded so quickly, the medical staff, doctors, and surgeons that have already gone above and beyond to help our son."

The male and female victims attended prom together, and walked out with two other friends when suspected shooter Jakob Wagner opened fire on them.

The two friends immediately tended to the boy's gunshot wound in his leg, and rushed to get help.

"Two of the students were hit right away by the subject as they were walking out, there was also another couple with them, walking behind them," Chief Roller explained. "They immediately tended to those two victims, one tied a necktie around the leg as a tourniquet and also called 911 and requested help from inside the building."

Some of the unanswered questions included what the shooter's motive was, how many rounds of ammunition he brought to the school, and whether or not years of bullying played a major role in Wagner's breaking point. 

There were 200 couples, six chaperones, and two Antigo police officers at the prom. 

The school's principal, Tom Zamzow, wore an "Antigo Pride" shirt to the press conference and explained how the school was handling its first day back. 

"It was recommended that we conduct school today, so we have counselors available, North Central Health Care people are in our building," Zamzow said. 

Wagner's home was searched on Sunday, but the chief could not release any details on what was seized.

As the public waits for more answers on what really happened, officials are relieved the shooter didn't get inside of the dance. 

"It didn't end up in a building full of prom-goers, that would be a much tougher situation to deescalate," Chief Roller said. 

The Department of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation.

The officer who shot Wagner is currently on paid administrative leave, which is standard protocol for officer-involved shootings. 

Wagner's autopsy results are expected to be released in the next few days.

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