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2016 Snowmelt Contest Updates

The "big" pile on May 30th The "big" pile on May 30th
Melting snow piles on June 2nd Melting snow piles on June 2nd
Snow in the wooded areas is melting fast Snow in the wooded areas is melting fast
Late evening snow on June 12th Late evening snow on June 12th
No snow left on June 14th No snow left on June 14th

You will notice something missing from the last picture in this series. Snow. Congratulations if you picked June 14th for the snowmelt contest. You are a winner! Check out this year's long list of winners below - 57 in total. Each will be entered in the random drawing for the top 5 prizes, which will occur on Friday morning (June 17th) during Wake-Up Wisconsin.


The drawing was held and here are the winners for the top prizes.

Grand Prize: $250 gift card from the R-store plus free car washes for a year (52 basic car washes): Donald Wesolowski

2nd Prize: $150 R-store gift card: Craig Teske

3rd Prize: $100 R-store gift card: Gary Zurakowski

4th Prize: $50 R-store gift card: Caitlin Benbow

5th Prize: $25 R-store gift card: Mike Sobczak

All those in the winner's list who are not drawn for a top prize, will receive a consolation prize of a free car wash coupon from the R-store. All prizes will be mailed out late next week (the week of June 20th-24th)

  • Sandy Behrens

  • Craig Teske

  • Kelly O'Day

  • Jeff Grant

  • Caitlin Benbow

  • Michelle Pozorski

  • Randy Carr

  • Chet Suski

  • Arlene Hoffman

  • Miira Allen

  • Debbie Guillaume

  • Jim Clark

  • Gary Nechuta

  • Shellie Normand

  • Tim Strasser

  • Nancy Nesbit

  • Andy Krautkramer

  • Stephen Veldhoff

  • Marilyn Bembeneck

  • Lori Bulczak

  • Deborah Engle

  • Dennis Behling

  • Dee Dee Jahnke

  • Joyce Clauson

  • Jeff Vetterkind

  • Mary Palmer

  • Erik Pfantz

  • Linda Carlson

  • Thomas Schmoldt

  • Todd Anderson

  • Kelly Koplitz

  • Carole Gagas

  • Donald Wesolowski

  • Linda Fochs

  • Vivian Schlueter

  • Judith Wastrack

  • Neil Volkman

  • Chris St. Clair

  • Amy Jost

  • Ryan Woller

  • Robbert Krolikowski

  • Mike Feltz

  • Josette Balkam

  • Kelly Witucki

  • John Pupols

  • Gary Zurakowski

  • Katreen Abendroth

  • Joan Krall

  • Jerry Schreier

  • Fran Foytik

  • Molly Perry

  • Heather Will

  • Lorraine Prahl

  • Fred Kroll

  • Bernard Lehman

  • Mike Sobczak

  • Nikki Koelsch

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