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May 2016 Jefferson Award winner Anne Drow: "I just feel it's a calling"


WAUSAU (WAOW) - A Wausau woman is recognized with May's Jefferson Award for her volunteer efforts to help jail inmates and prison parolees transition back into society.

"I just feel it's a calling," said Anne Drow, executive director of Marathon County's Open Door. "Clothing is one of the biggest things we do and hygiene products and then we start with places to stay and pantries and employment opportunities."

Work release inmate Ella Goslin was putting in several hours of community service when Newsline 9 stopped by the non-profit.

 She says Drow's kindness inspires her. 

"I think it makes a huge difference. She has helped me in countless ways and helps no one get turned away and very selfless," Goslin said.

 Drow helped start Open Door in 2010, inspired by a man who handed out clothing from the trunk of his car to inmates leaving the jail before sunrise.

 Since then, hundreds of people in need have passed through the non-profit in trying to improve their lives.

 "This is my passion," Drow said. "This is what I was meant to do. "

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