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Kristin Chenoweth Remembers Friendship With Prince, What She Learned From the Late Singer


(ABC) -- Kristin Chenoweth is back on tour, performing three different shows in stops around the U.S. But the Emmy Award-winning actress said she switched up her show recently to honor a late friend.

"Just the other night I did 'Purple Rain' because I wanted to tribute our dear Prince," she told ABC News. "I just put my spin on it in honor of him."

Prince passed away April 21 at the age of 57.

Chenoweth, 47, recalled stopping by Prince's home on two occasions, saying the singer "loved talent."

"He called my manager and said he wanted to have me come over in LA and I did," she recalled. "And we shared a lovely meal and he said 'Can I tell you what inspires me?' And I said, 'Sure!' And we went down to his movie room and he played my aria from this opera 'Candide.' He played it on the big screen.

"And I said, 'Oh my gosh, we don't have to watch this.' And he said, 'Oh, once it starts I can't not watch it.'"

Chenoweth continued, "One time I was nominated for an Emmy and he said, 'Come over and bring your friends,' and he played for three hours."

The actress said she connected with Prince in "special moments" over their shared values. "We were both a lover of God and a lover of truth and music," she added.

"Certainly losing Michael Jackson, who's the King of Pop was a tough one, but this is the King of Funk and what he could do with his left hand, I believe, is unmatched and I got to see it up close and personal," Chenoweth said. "He gave me a gift by just saying I really like what you do, I like your skill. It was special."

His untimely passing has reminded the actress to take better care of herself when she's on the road, calling self-care with her busy schedule "impossible."

"It's my biggest challenge," Chenoweth explained. "Rest [and] sleep is the thing I value the most, but I don't get enough. I have not yet mastered that."

Still, the self-proclaimed dog lover said her 13-year-old Maltese named Madeline Kahn, whom she made part of her family in 2013, the day after "Wicked" opened on Broadway, has helped her remain centered. Chenoweth portrayed Glenda the Good Witch in the Tony Award-winning musical until July 2014.

"[Dogs] just love you unconditionally," the actress, who is lending her voice to Mars Petcare's Mix Mania campaign, said. "She's seen everyone come and go and she's still there and loves me. I think they make us calmer, happier people."

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