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Family creates scholarship for Antigo High School students pursuing police science careers


One month after the Antigo High School prom shooting, the family of Spencer Fittante, the student who tied a makeshift tourniquet around Collin Cooper's gunshot wound, is starting a new scholarship fund in honor of the police officer who protected them.

The Fittante family is in the process of creating the "Antigo Strong" scholarship that will benefit Antigo High School students who graduate and go on to pursue careers in police science.

Lynnette Fittante said the new fund is in honor of Andy Hopfensperger, the Antigo police officer who stopped the gunman on prom night.

"There's no words to thank the person, so that's how the idea came about," Fittante said.

The popularity of the career choice may waver at times, but the Antigo Police Department hopes the scholarship will inspire a new generation to consider joining the force.

"Recently, it's been harder trying to get new recruits into the profession," Chief Eric Roller with the Antigo Police Department said. "Obviously, there's been a lot of negative talk on law enforcement in the last number of years, so we're hoping something positive like this will get more people interested and get some more recruits."

To the school, it's a new opportunity for Antigo students, many of whom were in the building on prom night.

"It's another great example of how our community is pulling together through a difficult time," Tom Zamzow, principal of Antigo High School, said.

For some families, it's a 'thank you' to the police department. 

"We want to focus on the positive, our kids our alive, and that's partly why we're doing the scholarship, to focus on the good," Fittante said.

The details of the scholarship are still being worked out, and there is no set limit for the fund.

An account under the name "Antigo Strong" has been established with Covantage Credit Union, which is accepting donations now. 

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