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Rising number of car crashes involving deer


WAUSAU, Wis., (WAOW) -- Car crashes involving deer are on the rise in the Badger State and June is one of the months they happen the most.  

It can happen in an instant. Your car can go from scratch free to totaled by a deer or even worse. 

"I've seen fatal crashes when they hit and seen a lot of serious injuries with motorcycles hitting deer," said Dale Ruechel with the Marathon County Sherriff's Department.

A motorcycle rider was lucky as he was thrown off his bike after hitting a deer this week. According to Bankrate.com, Wisconsin is the 6th highest risk state of crashing into a deer, the odds of hitting a deer 1 in 77.

Hitting a deer can cost you a pretty penny.

"It will vary probably from a small deer hit a $1000-$1500 up to $10,000-$12,0000 which we have seen already," said Brickner's Body Shop Manager, Kevin Starck.

Brickner' s of Wausau said 30% of their business comes from fixing vehicles damaged by deer, with averaging 6 damaged cars per week.

So you need to keep your eyes on the road.

"People need to drive cautiously this time of year. The deer are dropping fawns and they are really moving," said Ruechel.

The Sheriff's department said November is also a dangerous time for deer because that's when breeding season begins.

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