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Minocqua residents wave goodbye to their summer tourists


Every Labor Day, crowds of Minocqua locals park their lawn chairs outside of bars and restaurants and wave goodbye to their summer tourists. 

"It feels very good that we have great tourism up here and that people are still coming to the Northwoods to spend their money, and it makes us very happy to see that they're socializing and going to various other businesses and helping them throughout the summer," Deborah Pruess, owner of Pruess's Pub in Woodruff, said.

Pruess's Pub held one of the send-off parties, where dozens of locals sat on the hill and spent the day waving the tourists home. 

"We're saying thank you to everyone, the locals, tourists, everyone, up in the Northwoods we appreciate everyone's business and kindness," Doreen McGonagle, who catered the party with her Leisure City business, said.

When a new line of cars hit the stoplight in front of the pub, dogs hanging out of car windows would get special goodbye treats from the locals.

"My wife is a dog lover...so she runs down there if they stop and she gives them a treat," George Thornton of Minocqua said.

While the Northwoods residents said farewell to the tourists, they already have the welcome back wave-in planned for next summer.

"We have the tourists come back on Memorial Day weekend, we have a welcome back wave party," Pruess said.

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