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$0 deductible health insurance plans coming to Wisconsin in 2017


Four health insurance companies in Wisconsin will be offering $0 deductible health care plans next year, but that could mean higher premiums.

The Citizen Action of Wisconsin group has been lobbying for the new plans and announced that they will start in 2017.

Instead of  paying out-of-pocket until you hit your deductible, the new plans would help you pay those costs from the start for doctor's visits, prescriptions, mental health care and more.

The $0 deductible does not cover overnight hospital visits.

The plans could also have higher premiums.

"We know that some companies are raising the rates, unfortunately," Kevin Kane of the Citizen Action of Wisconsin group said. 

No health insurance companies that cover the northwestern Wisconsin region have chosen to offer these new plans, which means that some residents will be left out.

"In far northern, northwestern Wisconsin, is people working two or three jobs to just buy groceries, and make house payments, and then the health insurance costs are really out of control," Joyce Luedke, a Hayward resident, said. 

The plans have an appeal to health insurance companies, however.

"These plans that did not have giant deductibles might also help convince younger, healthier people to enroll in the risk pool and make the whole system work better," Kane explained.

While the group knows these plans aren't for everyone, they wanted to give patients another option for their health care.

"There needed to be better options available for those who wanted to switch that would reduce out-of-pocket costs," Kane said.

Molina Health Care will reveal their new plan on November 1st.

The rest will be available on HealthCare.gov starting in January. 

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