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Wake Up Pet Pause: Halloween safety

As we prepare for that spooky fun day of trick or treating there are some things to prepare for your pets too. Here are some pet safety tips:
Q. What are some tips for safety?


  • If you let your cat outside try and keep them inside during treating time.
  • If you can, try and keep your pets in a separate room during treat time so there is no fear of a pet running out the door. Too much door bell ringing and commotion can really get scary for your pet.
  • Keep ALL candy away from your pet to get into or you might be running to the emergency Vet. When children are going through their candy loot keep the pets away so they don't snatch any candy.
  • Have special dog or cat treats so your pet can enjoy the fun. Keep a bowl of pet treats handy for those that come with their pet. Give the treat to the owner or ask if you can give it to their pet.
Remember absolutely NO chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts or any diet candy which contains xylitol. It is extremely toxic to dogs and can result in basic allergic reaction to cardiac arrest. Contact the ASPCA 24/7 Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.
Q. What should we do if we want to take our dog along?
A. Most important of all make sure your dog is on harness and strong leash and have a firm grip on that leash. Even with a well tempered dog with so many children in costume running around this can spook a dog. Your dog can run off or worse yet snap at someone in defense.
Also when you are handing out candy to the kids, don't forget to have some treats for dogs handy.
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