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Fake ads urge voters to let their voices be heard via text


MADISON (WKOW) -- They're the tweets that are taking twitter by storm. Pictures made to look like they came from the Clinton campaign, asking voters to avoid the line on election day and instead vote from home. 

The phony ads are telling people who haven't voted to cast their ballot for Hillary Clinton via text. 

According to reports, the ads were allegedly tweeted out first by user @TheRickyVaughn. Many believe they were tweeted out in an effort to try to suppress voter turnout on Tuesday. 

Some of the ads seemed to also target minority voters, with one of them spelling out the message in Spanish. 

A Wisconsin organization that represents and serves minorities, Voces De La Frontera, said it did receive a call from someone who was concerned, asking if the message was valid. 

"It's a desperate effort to try to win this election by disenfranchising people who are obviously Latino voters as well as other voters who might fall for it," said Christine Neumann-Ortiz, the executive director for the organization.

When the tweet was first reported, twitter responded saying the tweets did not violate the website's rules. However, they later backtracked, suspending the user who allegedly first tweeted the false advertisements. 

Nowhere in the United State can you vote by text, although it has been an idea presented in several states.

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