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Van Gogh book called a fake


  PARIS (AP) -- The Van Gogh Museum says a book of previously unpublished drawings claimed to be by Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh is fake.

   The book, "The Lost Arles Sketchbook," collated by art historian Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, is being published internationally despite warnings by the museum's experts that the style, topography and ink in the sketches prove that the drawings are unoriginal.

   Welsh-Ovcharov called it an "OMG moment" at a Paris press conference Tuesday, describing when she discovered the sketches that she says apparently date from 1888-1890 in the southern French city of Arles.

   However, Van Gogh museum director Axel Ruger said the drawings don't reflect Van Gogh's development then.

   Ruger says they used original brownish ink when Van Gogh used only black or purple ink -- that only later appeared brown because of age.

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