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Credit card skimmers popping up in Marshfield


At least a dozen police reports have been filed in Marshfield from residents who have had their financial information compromised in the past two weeks, and officials believe credit card skimmers are the culprit. 

Marshfield Police believe credit card skimmers were likely installed at Simplicity Credit Union and Forward Financial Forward on November 18th, and the thieves left them there for less than a day.

"Our information shows us that people who used our ATM on November 18th, some of them have experienced fraud," Pat Wesenberg, president and CEO of Simplicity Credit Union, said.

A similar remark was echoed down the street.

"We discovered the potential of a skimmer on our ATM at our northcentral location on November 18th, and were able to validate the skimmer was installed and later removed that day," Jennifer Sobotta, vice president and marketing director of Forward Financial Bank, said.

Skimmers go right over the device you would normally see at an ATM, and they look identical to the real thing.

"So there would be a piece maybe added to the front of the ATM in many cases, and so if you maybe grab hold of the area where you'd place your card in and move it around, wiggle it around, see if you can pull it off," Sergeant Dennis Keffer with the Marshfield Police Department said.

Simplicity Credit Union is investigating each case and restoring funds to accounts that were compromised.

Forward Financial Bank has not seen any suspicious activity from their customers' accounts yet, and called their customers who used the ATM on November 18th.

One Marshfield resident has an account at Simplicity Credit Union and said her account was drained over Thanksgiving weekend.

"It was my debit card, and I do check my accounts on a regular basis, and yesterday morning, early in the morning, I look, and I was overdrawn," Diane Wolf said.

She said the thieves stole about $500, but Simplicity Credit Union is reimbursing her. 

For card users hoping to avoid skimmers, police warn to be mindful of every transaction.

"A lot of the community is kind of concerned about what ATMs and things they should be watching for, and the reality is, it's all of them," Keffer emphasized.

Police do not have any leads on suspects yet, but security footage may aid the investigation. 

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