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Dec. 2016 Jefferson Award Winners: Barb and Ron Blair


A couple who retired in the Adams County Town of Rome is recognized for their volunteer efforts.

Barb and Ron Blair founded the "Home Town Rome Players"  in 2009.  

The players use their artistic skills to have fun and raise money for non-profits in the community.

"We are all seniors and retired and want to share our talents in service to others. We wanted to put it all  together in a show with actors, actresses and so we started a writers group to write scripts," Barb Blair said. " All the characters start in ancient Rome an then make their way to Rome, Wisconsin."

The biggest fundraiser is the Rome 'N Fest which is held each summer.

"They have raised more than $50,000 for community organizations. In addition to that, just being part of the group has helped all of us feel younger, look younger and it has changed our outlook on life," said Rome Player Penny Miller.

The group puts events on for Veterans Day and performs in area nursing homes.

"This community has been wonderful to us we have a wonderful life and we have the time now to pay it back," Ron Blair said.

The Blair's have this advice for those who area looking for a way to volunteer.

"Find something you like," Ron Blair said. "Volunteerism should not be a chore. If it is a chore-- it is a job. I quit my job."

"What did you like to do then?" Barb Blair said. "Come back and do it again, just give it a shot."

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