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Wake Up Pet Pause: Winter driving safety for pets

With the winter cold and snow here, when driving we have all been warned to be prepared for any problems. But how should we prepare if our best friend is with us?
Dolores Glytas, Pet Pause contributor, says that after Christmas many people, especially seniors are taking long driving trips. While packing up the car people should remember to pack an emergency kit. (extra blankets, mittens, chocolate, hand warmers etc.)
In those kits, you can throw a small one in for your pet --- a sweater, booties, water, some hi-protein kibble (more protein is used for energy fuel and not eliminated)an extra leash and collar or harness. Also bring along your pet's current medical records and consider having your pet micro chipped.
Look up and get information on any emergency Vet clinics along your route.
Another very important practice should be NEVER have your dog sit on your lap while you are driving, even in good weather. All it takes is one split second for a major accident. Have your dog crated, or buckled up for everyone's safety.
Double check with hotels/motels ahead of time that you may possibly stay at to ask if they allow pets and their rules.
If your car is equipped with a satellite emergency system - buy some phone minutes. This is great if you are stranded and have no cell bars.
Keep several hand/body warmers on hand in case you have a problem with your heater. You can put one under your pet's blanket.
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