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Gas station clerk beaten to death with a bat


MILWAUKEE (WISN) -- A gas station employee was bludgeoned to death Thursday morning during a confrontation with a suspected shoplifter, police and witnesses said.

The employee, identified as 34-year-old Harjinder Singh, of Milwaukee, died outside the BP gas station on the 2600 block of West Lisbon Avenue.

A witness said the employee had a baseball bat and threw it at the suspected shoplifter after chasing him out of the store. The killer then got hold of the bat and beat the employee.

Singh was well known by many people who stopped by the convenience store in the morning; they said he was protective of the business.

"He wasn't going to deal with people stealing from the store or causing a lot of ruckus and noise with customers. He was just a really good guy in general," said Krystal Lambrecht, a close friend.

Hair stylist Alisha Graham works across the street and said she saw her friend "JuJu" laying on the ground severely beaten around 9 a.m.

"He (the attacker) must have stolen something from him. He chased him out of the store with the bat. He threw the bat at him. He missed with the bat. And so the suspect, or the thief, took the bat. And hit him upside the head with it. He fell on the ground. Hit his head open. And he kept beating him with the bat," Graham said.

The killer got away, police said.

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