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Senate votes to overturn gun control regulation


This week, the Republican-led Senate voted to undo an Obama-era rule that tightened gun-control regulations through the Social Security Administration.

The rule required the Social Security Administration to report people to gun control background check systems who were deemed incapable of managing their money on their own due to some kind of mental illness.

One local gun shop owner said he doesn't want guns getting in the wrong hands, but he doesn't think the initial rule had a serious impact; and he believes there are already enough regulations put in place outside the former president's measure.

"If you're adjudicated as mentally defective or committed to a mental health institute, the transaction stops immediately on our end. It doesn't even go to a background check," said Justin Gaiche, owner of Chase Outdoors in Rothschild. "Mental health has always been part of the background check process, and we'll continue to do that regardless of what that law looks like."

The Executive Director of the Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort agrees. 

"We don't really think the order was getting at the crux of the problem," said Jeri Bonavia. "I don't suspect we'll see a change, a very large one anyway, one way or another."

Meanwhile, the group Everytown for Gun Safety said in a statement "Congress' first action on guns weakens the background check system and advances the gun lobby's agenda of more guns for anyone."

The Senate passed the ruling to overturn the old law in a 57 to 43 vote. President Donald Trump is expected to sign off on the measure. 

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