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Boy with skin disorder befriends spotted dog

(ABC) -

A boy from Arkansas took a special trip to Oregon to meet a dog who has the same rare skin disorder.

Eight-year-old Carter Blanchard and Rowdy the dog both have vitiligo.

Carter and Rowdy have communicated online through the dog's owner for about a year.

The boy's mom says Rowdy has helped Carter to love his skin.

The dog is nearly 14, so the families decided not to wait any longer, so the boy and dog finally met this weekend.

Carter loves his 4-legged friend, but says Rowdy needs more spots.

"He needs some more on his back," said Carter.

His mom Stephanie Adcock adds, "Really it was life changing for him, it changed his childhood for the better, and it was a gift I couldn't give him."

The senior dog suffered a seizure Sunday.

Generous people online are now raising money for his medical attention.

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