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Murphy: free agents earn "more than we thought was reasonable"


The NFL Annual Meeting is underway in Phoenix. 3 days of meetings for Owners, GM’s and Head Coaches. And our first chance to meet with the Packers brain trust since the start of Free Agency.

The Packers lost several key free agents, most noticeably two players they wanted to keep, T.J. Lang and Eddie Lacy; both earning bigger contracts elsewhere. “You have to look at each player and what are you comfortable paying,” said Packers President Mark Murphy Sunday. “There were certain players that other teams were willing to pay more than we thought was reasonable.”

But there have been gains in Green Bay. Ted Thompson signing 4 players from other teams, the most since 2006. “It’s not that we are opposed to bringing in players, but it has to be the right fit,” said Murphy. “I’m pleased; I think we’ve helped ourselves at a number of positions. And obviously with the draft coming up, that’s another opportunity to help ourselves.”

Among the business that will be conducted here is voting on the Raiders possible relocation to Las Vegas. Murphy, a member of the Competition Committee, believes that will happen.

And there are possible rule changes, including the proposal that Murphy will present to the owners, changing the replay system. No more going under the hood; referees will follow along with the league office using a tablet. “I think the advantage will be much more consistency. The final decision will now be with the Officiating Office in New York, but there will be input from the referee,” said Murphy.

Pace of play is behind this proposal, and will be a major topic at meetings here as the league attempts to shorten games.

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