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Central Wisconsin farmer calling it quits amidst dairy decline


It's a difficult time for many Central Wisconsin dairy farmers as overproduction grows and prices decline. Some small farms are left with nowhere to sell their milk and are being forced to call it quits.

John Litza has run his farm in Hatley since 1988, but about a month ago Nasonville Dairy told him they'd no longer need his milk.

"Everybody says they were full," said Litza. "Basically there's just too much milk."

Now, he's selling off his cows, saying that the problem of overproduction is hurting the small farms with 50 to 150 cows the most.

"It's hitting the small farmers  because the big farmers have contracts, all the big farmers with a couple thousand cows they have to have contracts," said Litza.

The farmer said it's not easy to get rids of cows he's watched grow.

"It's just really sad," said Litza. "To see certain animals that you've raised since they were very small and care for them and can remember stuff, it's very hard, it's not easy seeing you have to sell them."

While Litza said it may be too late to save his own production, he wants to see change for the other small farms that still have a chance.

"Basically what I'm trying to do is bring the farmers and the people that know what's going on this isn't just going to go away unless we do something about it," said Litza.

Litza said they've reached out to legislators along with dairy organizations hoping that something can be done.

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