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Traffic stop app

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Gainesville,Fl-- Traffic stops are the most frequent way citizens interact with police, and while most occur without incident, sometimes they become dangerous. A team of graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Florida say they may have a solution.   

"Traffic Stop" is the name they have given a new app that allows for the entire traffic stop to occur without anyone getting out of their cars.

"Here on campus students speed they run through stop signs so maybe officers want to use traffic stop in those instances, our goal is just that everyone gets home safe at the end of the night," said Jessica Jones, one of the apps developers and a graduate student.

The app would allow drivers to send pictures of information normally collected during traffic stops such as registration and drivers licenses to the officer. Then according to the developers the officer could initiate a video call with the driver.

While authorities say thank you for the effort, they have some concerns. "To sit in my vehicle staring at a cell phone there are a million ways for a violator to ambush me in an attack giving me no mobility to get away from that suspect," said one officer.

The creators admit it may not be the best in all situations and that the app is still in development, but said it may be a useful tool for police.

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