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2017 Rib Mountain Snowmelt Contest

Remaining snow on June 8th Remaining snow on June 8th
Remaining snow on June 11th Remaining snow on June 11th
A tiny patch of snow left on Rib Mountain June 13 A tiny patch of snow left on Rib Mountain June 13
No snow on Rib Mountain later in the day on June 13th No snow on Rib Mountain later in the day on June 13th

UPDATE JUNE 16TH: A random drawing was held on Wake-Up Wisconsin and the top 5 prize winners were selected. Here are the big winners:

1st Place/Grand Prize: Anne Sondelski

2nd Place: Kathy Pozorski

3rd Place: Robin Cichon

4th Place: Marvin Ninnemann

5th Place: Sherry Bauer

All other people who predicted the correct date will receive a car wash coupon from the R-stores as a consolation prize. Prizes will be mailed out mid to late next week (June 21st through the 23rd)

UPDATE JUNE 14TH: The last bit of snow melted off of Rib Mountain on June 13th, therefore the snowmelt contest has ended! Below is a preliminary list of the people who predicted the correct date. Thanks to everyone who entered. We will have a live random drawing for the top 5 prize winners on Friday June 16th on Wake-Up Wisconsin.

UPDATE JUNE 13TH: Believe it or not, there was still a tiny patch of snow on the mountain last night (picture added). So, if you predicted June 13th, you might be in luck. We will check again later today when it will likely be gone.

UPDATE JUNE 12TH: The latest picture of the snow has been added. On Sunday June 11th in the late evening, the pile was getting small. With highs in the 80s today (June 12th) it will likely completely melt. If so, there are approximately 70 people who predicted the date. Be sure to check back to see if June 12th ends up being the winning date. Or watch Wake-Up Wisconsin for updates throughout the week.

UPDATE JUNE 8TH: Our Schenck skycam view is still showing a pile of snow on Rib Mountain this Thursday morning (check the attached image). Hot weather this weekend will surely accelerate the melting.

UPDATE JUNE 5TH: After hiking around Rib Mountain, only 1 pile of snow was found. A picture of the snow pile as of June 5th has been added. It is a fairly large snow pile, however, with plenty of sun during the work week and warmer temps this weekend, it will probably melt. It is doubtful the snow will last past June 15th. We will see.

UPDATE MAY 26TH: We got a picture for you from May 24th. Still some small snow piles on the slopes and one huge pile yet to melt. The contest will likely last into June once again this year.

UPDATE: The entry period is now over for the 2017 Snowmelt contest. We will track the snowmelt progress over the next few days and weeks. Check back for updates and pictures. The winners will be announced on Wake Up Wisconsin and listed here.


There was a normal amount of snow this past winter and temperatures have been fairly normal so far this Spring. Does this mean the snow will melt off the Mountain at a “normal” time this year? Here are the dates of the final melt from past years:

  • 2016, June 14th
  • 2015, June 20th
  • 2014, July 7th
  • 2013, June 30th
  • 2012, May 30th
  • 2011, June 17th
  • 2010, May 29th
  • 2009, June 24th
  • 2008, June 8th
  • 2007, May 25th
  • 2006, June 6th
  • 2005, June 7th

Correct predictions could win you one of these super prizes from the R-stores of Northcentral Wisconsin

  • 1st place: $250 R-store gift card plus 52 basic car wash coupons.
  • 2nd place: $150 R-store gift card
  • 3rd place: $100 R-store gift card
  • 4th place: $50 R-store gift card
  • 5th place: $25 R-store gift card

All other people who pick the correct date but are not drawn in the top 5 will receive a basic car wash coupon from the R-stores.

Here is the list of fabulous forecasters (93) who predicted the correct date (June 13th) this year.

Sheila Iczkowski

Mary Sisko

Caleb Vander Meiden

Bruce Tress

Annette Yach

Linda Woller

Renee Kolpacki

Cheryl Graumann

Jake Bielmeier

Howard Scholzen

Shawna Romatowski

Donna Bailey

Jake Peters

Alan Bradfish

Barbara Reichl

Jean Kilty

Cathy Skarlupka

Chris Kelnhofer

Erin Straw

Laurie Cortright

Jim Kohlbeck

Betty Polebitski

Kathy Pozorski

Michael Saal

Linda Filtzkowski

Dana Tesch

Toni Ninabuck

Donna White

Don Fritsch

Connie Grendzinski

Ruth Redeker

Sherry Patritto

Heather Petersen

Tom Buhs

Cindy Kubetz

Angela Vaughan

Anne Sondelski

Barb Dern

Bette Jacobs

Dianne Mindock

Claire Blume

Lorna Whalen

Debra Stadler Gapko

Dorothy Rindo

Dianne Smith

Florence Wachtl

Dana Zehner

Hulda Beilke

Lori Buehler

Sandra Lang

Robert Ruud

Linda Babler

Kathy Pfantz

Debbie Hardrath

Robin Cichon

Holly Stephens

Vicki Dickman

Mark Savela

Sharon Detert

Mary Zdanowski

Alan Bielen

Kathy Campbell

Judy Kowalski

Angie Wenzel

Dan Apfelbeck

Dave Lloyd

Terri Kufalk

Loreen Haumschild

Melinda Ziesman

Janet Ostrowski

Mike Feltz

John Wenzel

Courtney Christian

Cheryl Skwierczynski

Rene Gorski

Stepahnie Taylor

Jeff Amundson

Gregor Gunn

Sherry Bauer

Megan Larson

Jalayne Anderson

Jenny Mavis

Marvin Ninnemann

Dawn Turner

Wayne Wozniak

Robert Halvorson

Richard Burby

Keith Cannon

Patrick Bush

Rosemary Kroening

Katrina Simkowski

Ethan Chapman

Sherry Gayken

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