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Officers use caution when approaching suspects on meth


After a Marathon County Sheriff's deputy was cleared of any wrongdoing for using deadly force in a March shooting in Rib Mountain, state investigators said that the suspect, John Hall, 33, had a high level of meth in his blood that most likely caused him to show violent behavior. 

Members of the Wausau Police Department said that officers must respond carefully when someone is high on an illegal drug like meth. 

Lt. Ben Graham said that any call that involves someone high on meth can escalate quickly, as those suspects are not thinking clearly and not making good decisions. 

Officers who responded to the March 2 hostage situation quickly noticed Hall might have been high on the drug. 

Prosecutor reports said the man that was being held hostage said Hall was acting crazy.

Lt. Graham said that when dealing with suspects using drugs, officers typically call for back-up because the fear of being arrested can spark violence and dependence could lead to poor decisions. 

"If there is a crime that's been committed, we need to hold that person accountable," Graham said. "There might be crimes occurring, but there also may be a medical emergency." 

The report went on to say that the meth in Hall's blood was nearly double the amount needed to exhibit violent and irrational behavior.

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