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Wisconsin voting districts could see U.S. Supreme Court


Republicans in Wisconsin are looking to take their fight over redrawing voting districts to the United States Supreme Court. 

Two federal courts have already ruled that the state legislature needs to redraw district maps because they have found them unconstitutional. 

Attorney General Brad Schimel requested that the U.s. Supreme Court order a stay on the decision, after a ruling was passed down on a similar case in North Carolina. 

Political science Professor John Blakeman at UW-Stevens Point said that if the case hits the floor of the Supreme Court, it could change how district's are drawn for generations. 

"What arguably makes it unconstitutional is whether you diluted the other party's power so much that they are effectively shut out of office," he said. "The court goes out of session in June, so it basically has one more month to decide." 

It's all part of the process called gerrymandering. When lawmakers redraw voting districts every ten years, the party in power gets to choose where the lines are drawn. 

That leads to one party trying to ensure they stay in power. 

The Lincoln County Board has written a proposal for the state that requests the drawing of district lines to come from a non-partisan committee. 

"All [the ruling] does is tell our current set of legislators [to] go back and redraw the lines because you did a bad job last time," said Board Supervisor Hans Breitenmoser. "This isn't a Republican versus Democrat issue." 

If the Supreme Court refuses to hear Wisconsin's case, the state legislature will have until Nov. 1 to redraw the maps. 

Multiple calls to several Republican lawmakers were not returned.

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