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Waupaca County man arrested for stealing boat parts


A 19-year-old was arrested Sunday in Waupaca County after police said they found stolen boat parts in his truck.

A Waupaca County Sheriff's deputy saw a pickup truck and an SUV in Shambeau Park in Waupaca around 10:45 a.m. After previous reports of veichles doing burnouts and damaging the gravel road, deputies entered the park to look into the issue, according to the Waupaca County Sheriff.

The vehicles drove away when the deputy entered the park, the sheriff's department said.

After a traffic stop with help from the Waupaca Police Department, officials said they saw a Minn Kota trolling motor with torn cables, a boat battery box and battery in the pickup truck. The 19-year-old , of Manawa, said he was going fishing but officials said there were no fishing poles found in the truck.

At that time, there were no reports of stolen items, according to the sheriff's office. Reports came in from a man the Town of Little Wolf shortly before 3 p.m. that a Minn Kota trolling motor, a boat battery and a battery box were stolen from his boat, which was in Manawa Mill Pond.

Deputies then contacted the pickup truck driver from the traffic stop, officials said. Initially, the driver claimed that he purchased the motor from a person on Facebook, but later admitted that he had been canoeing on the pond and stole the motor, batter box and battery from the boat near the shoreline. 

Deputies arrested the 19-year-old pickup driver on counts of theft and trespassing. The man was transported to the Waupaca County Jail.

The trolling motor, battery and battery box were returned to the owner less than an hour after the theft was reported, officials said.

The charges for the case are being referred to the Waupaca County District Attorney's Office.

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