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EXCLUSIVE: Two Marathon Co. men charged with threatening to repeat shooting rampage


We're learning new exclusive details of at least three potential copycats, including two from the Wausau area, who threatened to duplicate the March 22 Marathon County shooting rampage. 

Court records indicate that 49 year-old Neng Vang and 44 year-old Chia Fong Xiong threatened to duplicate the shooting carried out by 45 year-old Nengmy Vang in March. Law enforcement said the two cases from Wausau show similarities. 

Both Vang, charged in May, and Xiong, charged just five days after the shooting, blamed the shooter's wife for the deaths of the four victims in March. 

The two made the threats following a domestic dispute with their wives, and had a history of abuse.

Law enforcement said the threats speak to a much larger issue in the community.

Everest Metro Police Chief Wally Sparks said that he and other community leaders need to address domestic violence in traditional Hmong households.

"We come across cases where Hmong women are often treated as second-class citizens," Sparks tells Newsline 9 in a exclusive interview about the subject. "It's our job to take care of those who can't take care of themselves." 

Sparks is working alongside Executive Director of the Women's Community Jane Graham Jennings to help Hmong women, who they said are often mistreated because of traditional values. 

"We have to be real careful that this doesn't become a racial thing," she said. "However, within the current situation of the copycats, it's all within the [Hmong] community."  

"You have a conflict between a culture and our laws," Chief Sparks added. "Well, then the culture needs to yield to our system of laws." 

An Appleton man was also charged with making similar threats during a domestic dispute. 

Leaders from the Hmong community were unavailable for comment, but tell Newsline 9 that they "denounce all forms of domestic abuse." 

Xiong is free on bond and Vang is in jail on a $200,000 cash bond, according to court records. 

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