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Braun's impact felt in many ways during rehab assignment in minors


It's rare to see Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun on the disabled list; it's even more rare to see him on a rehab assignment. But for the second time in his career Braun laced up the spikes for a minor league affiliate. 

After being sidelined late last month due to a calf injury, Braun made his second appearnce in as many days, Saturday night, for Low-A Wisconsin. As the designated hitter, Braun showed off his opposite field power with a solo shot to right. He would finish the night 1-for-2 with two walks. In two games Braun is 2-for-5 with two walks, two runs scored and an RBI.

His game action has allowed coaches and training staff to monitor his progress as he works to return to the bigs as soon as possible. 
In addition to focusing on getting back to full strength, being in the minors means being a role model for younger players who aspire to have as decorated a career as Braun has had. His presence in the clubhouse has given his teammates an opportunity to learn from one of the games best. 

"I was in the training room and he was in the training room doing what he needed to do. There's no doubt about it that he's as good as he is because of his routine," 23 year-old first baseman Ronnie Gideon said. "You see what he does and hopefully it'll change your perspective of what you do and it could change your career and your game."

More impressive than his play on the field, Braun and teammate Jonathan Villar, who is on a rehab assignment as well, decided to cater Outback Steakhouse for the team allowing them to eat like major leaguers for a night. 

"There's nothing like big league food," Gideon said with a big smile. "When you get Outback you appreciate it. You tell him thanks and you don't miss out on it."

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